Bowling sounds good…

Let me start off with I KNOW!!!! However, I cannot apologise because I just haven’t had time and I’m not very good at being not lazy so at the moment y’all are just gunna have to deal with.

After a year I was just filled with a sudden need to write after almost an entire year of complete silence… scrap me not apologising earlier I truly am sorry. Anyway, a few minutes ago I was filled with the biggest amount of rage over one of the most miniscule of things. I was scrolling through my instagram feed and one of my best friends posted a picture with some of her other friends, that of course isn’t the problem; the problem was that the second I saw that post my other friend messaged me with the statement “bowling sounds good”. Now to most people, that really doesn’t matter and it sounds very fun; to me, it filled me with a sudden feeling of self-doubt and deprecation. My friend was talking about a work trip to go bowling. if I had seen that at any other time it probably wouldn’t of bothered me at all but it was the fact that this was a ‘work doo’ you know, it was something that people who know each other through work would do, my friend who posted the picture was going to a gathering with people she is very fond of and knows through a group that she attends for incredibly talented people when it comes to the arts.  I’d achieved bowling with some lovely people that I love but through work and she’d achieved a party with people that worked to get to where they were.

I understad that she’s lived here for most of her life and I’ve only lived here for a year and in nooo way am I saying that I didn’t work to get here, I am incredibly proud of my achievements but sometimes it feels like… thats the only one. It’s not (of course) but sometimes it feels like it is.

what I’m getting at here is that you shoudn’t ever compare yourself to someone else because you are so completely different and you have/will achieve so many amazing things for yourself. I’m living proof that consequences will arise if you do because I was filled with sudden anger and I was doubting myself in my head and that is definitely not healthy so please don’t compare yourself to anyone because you are a beautiful individual and you are perfect and shall bloom in your own beautiful way.

Alexara Lees

P.S. im sorry if the grammar is bad. I wrote this for me to feel better and to make others feel better. I do want to get back into this though.



Body Positivity for women

Last Thursday, my stepmum an I went into Stratford to watch ‘Embrace The Movement’ it’s a documentary about body positivity and learning to love yourself, it was inspired by a woman by the name of Taryn Brumfit, an Australian journalist who posted a picture of her a few years ago when she trained for a body building competition compared to when she had just given birth and spoke about how beautiful she felt.

The documentary really warmed my heart and showed me that everyone is beautiful and that we don’t have to be like every girl that you see in the media which is completely right, they have been photoshopped so that they don’t even look real and you shouldn’t believe that being beautiful is having a body that can’t even be reached without photo shop. In the program Tarym talks to one of the managers at cosmopolitan, she said that they altered to do a photoshoot that reflects normal body types, and when they asked for clothes the designers said they couldn’t provide the clothes, do you know why? Because they only provided clothes for models up to a size eight!! Also,  the stylist and makeup artist refused to have their names on the label, probably because it was ‘embarrassing’.

She goes on to talk to many women around the globe with strong, powerful views on body positivity and how the media presents women today. She also talks to a surgeon who advises her what surgeries to have to become more ‘beautiful’… this made em see my body in a whole new light, I don’t have to be skinny or have big boobs or a big but to be sexy or beautiful, I just have to love myself. It also gave me some amazing advice that has really helped me and may help you if feel the same. When you have the time, go stand in front of a mirror, alone in your bra and pants and look at yourself; now tell yourself that you are beautiful and keep repeating it, even if you don’t believe it. Because you are beautiful you know every single one of you and don’t ever think that you’re not!

I also advise you all to try to watch he documentary it should be able to download for free soon!

Have a good evening people!

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Social media

Late again… I know!!

I’ve recently been noticing a lot more adults talking about how bad social media  is for their kids’ heads. Personally I think that social media platforms are great for teens to talk to their friends and spread their hobbies and loves. I agree that it can get a bit heated with cyber bullying and sometimes kids can feel like they’re not doing enough because other people are showing off with what they’re doing throughout their day. But most social platforms are there for people to spread there opinions and thoughts on topics and to talk to there friends, it’s up to the person who owns the account to see what they do with it. I just hate that adults think that our phones are turning us into brain dead zombies, it’s called social media for a reason… to be social with your friends and family more often!

My personal favourite social media account would have to be snapchat, I think it’s my favourite because you can actually see the persons face so you feel like you’re with them sometimes it’s also really good if you want to be nosy because you can see when they have opened your snap to them and you can see where they are if they have location turned on ( I only do that when I’m bored! I’m not some sort of stalking freak).

Snapchat is closely followed by Instagram. I love Instagram because it allows people to post things that please them, also if you follow the right people you can get a really aesthetically pleasing scroll of pictures. I also feel really good when people like my posts because it means that they also like the picture.

I also think that these two social platforms are my favourite because they can give you a lot of privacy what with private accounts and people having to search for your username instead of your name.

What are your favourite social media platforms? Let me know!

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My School Tips

I’m really sorry that I haven’t been posting recently I’ve just been so busy which is why I have decided to start posting every other day.

I have recently started my new college and I am really excited to give you some advice if you too are starting a new college.

Making friends

I made friends so quickly when I got to my school, mainly because I had met some in the induction days but I also picked up a lot of friends very quickly and the are all very lovely, making friends always makes me feel safer and more secure because you have people that you can talk to.


make sire that you are always organised when starting a new school it makes it a lot less stressful and easier to settle because you don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting things.

Always be on time

Always make sure you are on time for things, I have to get a bus to school and if I miss it then I miss school which could sound fun but I always worry that I might miss something important. Make sure you are on time for everything to keep up with things and also to make sure you don’t get in any trouble.

Establish yourself

Always make sure that you know who your teachers are and that you know where you are supposed to be. I have already decided which teachers I do and do not like.

Sorry this post is so short I apologise.

Let me know if you like school down below!

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Hello all, yes I am well aware of the fact that I have been away for a very long time and I’m really sorry, I just couldn’t think of anything to write about but today Amazon has been my lord and saviour as I received three new books in the mail and I thought I’d tell you about some of my favourite books from when I was younger up until now.

Books from when I was young

When I was younger my favourite child book ever was definitely Winnie the pooh, I think I was almost forced into liking it because I have so many Winnie the pooh teddy’s from when I was a baby or a child, I also fell in love with the books because my dad always read the stories to me and put on silly voices for the different characters. My other favourite book was paddington bear, I never used to read the books but I did listen to it on a cd on an old cd player and fall asleep too it.

Recent Books

Everything, Everything – This book is by far one of my favourite boos because it is just so beautiful, I made sure today that I also bought the authors second novel because I just love the way she writes.

The Art of Being Normal – This book gave me feels because it was so true to modern problems that people have to deal within this day and age, it’s about being a transexual and being gay an all the problems that you would have to face, I think it also tackles a lot of problems in this day and age. This is why it will be one of my favourite books of all the time.

The books that I have bought are ‘The One Memory of Flora Banks’ Emily Barr, ‘The Sun is Also a Star’ by Nicola Yoon and ‘If I were your Girl’ by Meredith Russo, I’ll let you know how they turn out I’m very excited for them.

What are your favourite books, let me know!



Pet peeves

Now, I think that everybody has pet peeves they are just a way of life, they aren’t fun to have because if you get annoyed at a certain person for your and they don’t know why they could get upset. I don’t have many pet peeves but the ones I do have are quite normal and relatable, so, here are mine. (I’m not necessarily saying that these are real pet peeves they are just things that really really annoy me.)

Mouth Noises 

Like many people, I absolutely hate the sound of people eating and drinking, I don’t know why, but I just become disgusted by the wet, slobbery, peculiar noises that come from peoples mouths! Loud chewers ruin my life!

People not replying

Let me start off by saying this isn’t aimed at anyone in particular (I promise) I just find it quite annoying when I ask someone something and they don’t reply and this happens to me quite a lot, even if they are just going out it would be useful to know because then I would know that they are busy and couldn’t reply to me. However I can be a bit of a hypocrite because sometimes I either forget or I am just to busy to answer.

When people try to talk to me when I am on the phone

If I am on the phone, it means that I am busy and when I am busy I do not have the time to talk to you! Sometimes people even go as far to try and tell me what to say which i find  really distracting and rude because if you want to have a conversation with someone then wait your turn!

One uppers

I really don’t like these kind of people because they try to make every situation about them. If I come into college or work one day and I say that I’ve had a really bad nights sleep and you say that you’ve had it worse or that you never get a bad nights sleep every night, you’re a one upper, maybe if it happens once, twice, maybe even three times I will let it slide, but if it keeps happening I shall not be very happy at all!

So guys those are all of my pet peeves, let me know what yours are, I would love to know!

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Family, you either love them or you hate them, I absolutely love my family, every single one of them. My family are some of my favourite people in the world because they are so kind and they always have time to listen to my problems and give me support. This post is inspired because I went to my little cousins birthday party yesterday and I got to see some of my family for the first time since boxing day! My entire family is made up of a lot of people, I have my mums side of the family, my dads side of the family and my step mums side of the family.

I don’t think people should think of step family or half family as not your family because they are your family, I have known all of my step family since I was very young so I can’t remember not having them around and I love them all so much, i also love all of my half family because they are still my family and while I’m writing this it sounds stupid to even call them step or half because they are family, full stop.

A lot of people say “you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family” and I think that is complete codswallop, I don’t believe that family is by blood or marriage or whatever, I think family are the people who we love and who love us for being us, for example, my girls aren’t my friends they are my family because I love them both soooooo much, also one of my aunts isn’t my real blood aunt but I love her as if she were.

I think what I am trying to say is, don’t think that because you don’t have the same blood in your body it doesn’t mean you can’t love them just as much as you love your real family.

Sorry this was a bit of a boring post I will do better tomorrow!

How big are your families? Let me know!

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I have recently moved from Norfolk to Warwickshire and it was one of the saddest yet simultaneously exciting things that I have ever done. I moved here on the 27th of august and what an emotional rollercoaster that day was, it was very sad to say goodbye to all of my family and friends, however I know that they are all only a call or a text away. I moved here for a change and because I fell in love with one of the college’s down here. Now I wouldn’t say I’m a pro at moving (because I’m not!) but I do have some useful tips as I have done light packing for most of my life.

Pack Everything Before

Now I’m not saying that you should pack everything weeks before because you will need things but don’t leave everything to last minute because that can make the situation even more stressful, so maybe start a week before the move. When I started to pack I made sure I knew what I was packing (although I did accidentally pack a bunch of photos that my friends wanted, which I have posted in the mail today if you two are reading this!). I also made sure that in the last few days I packed everything I really needed in a box so if I wanted to get it out in the days leading up to me leaving, I could.

Get ways to contact people

In the last week that i left i went around my village and i asked everyone that i liked for contact details so if i were ever really missing them i could send them an email. i also suggest that you set up dates to meet people again. I also find FaceTime very useful, about one hour into my trip to warwickshire I messaged my friends asking when we could FaceTime so don’t think that you will lose contact with them because if you try your hardest you won’t!

Don’t be scared

Don’t forget that you are moving for a reason, and that reason was enough to make you want to a leave a lot of the things you love behind. Your family and friends will support anything you do and if they don’t then they are probably just as scared as you are, which leads me on to another tip, don’t be scared of change, change is good, I’m excited for this change because it means I can make more friends and start a new adventure.

All in all, I do miss my friends and family every day and I wish I could just see them, but at least we are lucky enough to be living in a time where just by the touch of a button we can see them or hear them or both!

What’s your biggest move been and how did you handle it?

My trip to Corfu

I recently went on holiday, as you can probably tell from the title and it was the best fun ever! I went to one of the islands of Greece, Corfu, from the 23rd of June tot the 31st of June and I loved every moment of it.

We started of the holiday in the airport which was a huge struggle as we had to wait about an hour for our transport to arrive as only a few people were on the same trip as us. Once we were on the bus we were so excited to officially start our holiday, however what should of been a 45 minute drive turned into a 2 hour drive as our driver didn’t know where our accommodation was! When we finally arrived we just crashed out. The holiday was very cheap, the beds were hard our studio apartment was tiny, and every out apartments were very close to a resort were they were playing agadoo into the night on repeat, but we were only there for sleeping and we spent most of our time at the beach and in the sun. We were about 100 metres from the sea and when you sat out on the balcony you could see the mountains.

It was just me and my mum on holiday and it was bliss. We didn’t go into big towns much , we went into the town of Acharavi twice in the week to take in the culture, we mainly lay on the beach by the sea all week and got very hot and brown (my friends were very jealous of it). Midway through the week me and my mum bought some lilos and we would lie on them in the sea until we had to swim back in to shore. We ate at the same restaurant every night because it was so close to where we stayed so it made it easier to get home and the people at the restaurant were lovely.

On our last day me and my mum went down to the beach in the evening to watch the sunset and get really cute pics!

Where is your favourite place you’ve been on holiday? Let me know! 



My First Blog

How do I start this? Maybe with a hello… HELLO! This is very new to me because I’ve never actually written anything publicly before, I’ve used to write my own stories but they were very bad believe me! Anyway maybe I should start by telling you a little something about myself. I’m a 16 year old girl who has recently moved from Norfolk to live with my Dad, Stepmum and little brother in Warwickshire. I start college next week and I’m very excited I also love animals (especially dogs) so don’t be surprised if you see a blog post about my dog Sasha in the future!

I’m jot going to lie to you and say that the idea of starting a blog was completely my idea I started to become interested in the idea of blogging by reading your stereotypical bloggers like Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter. But I became infatuated with the idea of blogging when I started reading my cousin Emily’s blog, she’s really good and I would definitely recommend her (Emilyclarebeauty) I also really truelly decided to start a blog after reading one of my favourite people ever, Tasha’s blogs (tashawhiteblog).

Right I think that is enough from me for now, more interesting blogs to come soon, I promise!!!



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